what is b2?

So when was the last time you visited your bank's branch? A month ago - 2 months maybe even 3 months ago? Why haven't you walked in to a branch? Simple - you didn't need to.

India and the world as we know it is moving towards a new paradigm where users demand world class service - as and when they want it.

If you identify with this philosophy then welcome to the world of b2 digital banking. Welcome to b2!

When ATMs were introduced, we thought that why do we need ATMs when we have good old branches? Today, using ATMs is a globally accepted practice with millions of transactions taking place everyday. Then came Phone Banking which gave users opportunities to query their bank anytime of the day or night. Internet Banking and Mobile Banking allowed customers access on-the-move. These are all commoditized, value-added facilities that 99% of Banks offer their customers.

b2 is the next step in the evolution of banking. It's a bank, where everything is done online and since you don't need branches, we don't offer them. you can enjoy all the conveniences of banking at your finger tips and your money grows faster. b2 understands that today’s banking is not just about payments and transfers. Hence along with these it offers other benefits like bill payments and mobile recharge..

To experience b2, click here to view the demo.

More about b2

Since everything is available online, we've trimmed services you rarely use and compensated you with a few "extras". Here they are.

1. Higher earnings

How much money should you keep in savings account? Financial planners advise to keep up to 3 months of expenses as contingency fund. However this amount would differ from person-to-person depending on the individual risk appetite. Let's take a case study - Ramesh Kumar has an impressive education background and is quite successful in his software career. Within 3 years of working, he takes home a decent salary of Rs. 80,000 per month. his expenses amount to Rs 40,000 a month and he saves Rs 40,000 per month, which he prudently invests for the future. Today, he maintains Rs. 1,20,000 in his salary account as contingency funds. Since this money is meant for contingency situations, liquidity is important and hence he doesn't park this money in fixed deposits. This being a savings account, the bank offers an interest rate of 3.5% and he earns Rs. 4,200 annually.

Ramesh can earn Rs. 4,500 extra annually by splitting his contingency fund in his salary account and b2 savings account. Here is an illustration -

Monthly expenses Rs. 40,000
Contingency fund equivalent to 3 times expenses Rs.1,20,000
Cash contingency fund in salary account (@3.5% per annum) Rs. 20,000
Other contingency fund in b2 savings account (@8.0% per annum) Rs. 1,00,000
Total earnings per annum Rs. 8,700
Incremental earnings per annum Rs. 4,500

2. Online payments and transactions

Remember the last time you stood in line to make payments for electricity, telephone and credit card bills? You can do all of these from your b2 account. We are aware that security of your money is of utmost importance while making payments online and that is why we bring you eWallet and Virtual Credit Card specifically designed to mitigate risk. Additionally the superiorly designed customer interface offers you the best of experience.

3. Zero balance

It's a zero balance account. There are no charges for opening the b2 savings account and no quarterly balance requirments.

4. Online customer service

If you want to know more or have a query, you can chat with us.