The b2 Savings Account is a smart, truly online account - the first of its kind in India.

Truly Online Account

You can do all the transactions of your b2 account online. You can fund your account from your accounts with other banks using the ECS facility. You can also move funds from your b2 Savings Account to accounts with other banks as well as ICICI Bank instantly using the online Funds Transfer facility. You can also pay your bills or credit card dues outstanding through this account. Since the b2 Savings Account offers all the functions online, we believe you will not need to visit a branch of ICICI Bank. You cannot access your b2 Savings Account through any ICICI Bank branch - there wont be any need for it. You will not need a cheque book to operate this account. However, if you do need one, just call us and we will send you 5 leaves at one time. We think that the convenience of ECS and Funds Transfer facilities will be so powerful for you that you will never need to write a cheque!


You can automatically pull money from your accounts with other banks (with your permission, of course) - without you having to go to the other banks to transfer funds to your b2 Savings Account. Similarly, you will be able to transfer funds from your b2 Savings Account to an account with any bank in India online.

You will get rewards for various online transactions in your b2 savings account - whether it is funding your account online or paying your utility bills through this account.

Above all, you get higher returns. Since your b2 Savings Account is linked to a fixed deposit and money above Rs. 5,000 will be swept into the fixed deposit automatically, you stand to gain from the higher interest rate on fixed deposit.

We know that your accounts security is paramount. Hence we have the best possible security measures to protect your account. Firewalls, tools and other safety mechanisms are in place to safeguard your funds in your b2 Savings Account. Whats more, to protect you against an improbable instance of a fraud in your account, we offer you a Rs.50,000 fraud cover.

Features of b2 Savings Account:

No Minimum Balance, No Transaction Charges

You do not need to keep any minimum balance or worry about being wrongly charged for any transaction in your b2 Savings Account. There will be no charges for transferring money from or into your account.

Maxima and Super Rewards

Whenever the balance in your b2 Savings Account exceeds Rs.5,000, we will transfer the funds automatically to Flexi Fixed Deposit which offers a higher interest rate. The Maxima deposit will be created in multiples of Rs.5,000. Whenever there is a withdrawal that exceeds the money left in your b2 Savings Account, the Maxima deposit will be broken to the required extent, in multiples of Rs. 1,000 and the money will be credited instantly to the b2 Savings Account to clear the withdrawal. No worries about any penalty!